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Trip Reports

In our Trip Reports section, we will be sharing photographs of some of our favorite airplanes, airports and hotels. It will be easy to navigate, fun to look at and a great reference to those planning their next getaway. There will also be useful reviews accompanying each set of photos. 
In the meantime, here are just a few of our favorite in-flight snapshots. But stay tuned, the full trip-reports section will be coming soon.

Emirates A380 First Class

Below is a brief video report of the Emirates A380 First Class cabin. Unlike the Singapore Airlines A380 "suites" which feature a fairly hard (albeit spacious) seat, the cushions in this cabin are incredibly comfortable. Beyond that, the wood and gold finishes add an elegant touch and the personal mini-bar keeps even the thirstiest of travelers well hydrated. The... Read More >>


United Global First Lounge, SFO

This video sums up our short visit to United's Global First Lounge in San Francisco. If I had to put the experience in one phrase, it would be "sushi for breakfast." Yes, they had breakfast foods as well, but when given an option between sushi and anything, I will almost always go with the sushi. The lounge itself was quiet and there were only about five other people while we were th... Read More >>


Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, SFO

The video below will give an overview of Singapore Airlines' SilverKris Lounge in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the lounge is not split into first and business class sections. What does that mean? Well now, instead of their being a separate space for first class passengers, all 50 premium-cabin passengers - eight in first class and 42 in business class - are sharing the same (ra... Read More >>


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