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Terms of Service

It is important to note this is not a travel agency and - as a result - we do not get any form of compensation or “kick-backs” from the airlines. For that reason we are able to ensure that all decisions made when putting together your itinerary, as well as all recommendations (regarding airlines and credit cards) given during our consultations, are based solely on your best interests - nothing else.


Our award booking services include making all necessary contact with various airlines to ensure the best-matched itinerary in line with your requests. We will find the flights, place the reservation(s) on hold, when possible and necessary, and then - after confirming with you - book the tickets. Additionally, we are happy to transfer points/miles (when possible) to/from your different accounts as required. However, we are not responsible for any fees/taxes imposed on you by the airlines or any airline/airport personnel.


In the event of a schedule change proposed by the airline(s), we will do our best to re-work your reservation without any additional charges. Keep in mind, there are no guarantees the changes will be free, or that reservation will remain intact; in some extreme cases you may need to start from the beginning with a new award booking. For "small" voluntary changes, meaning dates, or times of flights, the change fee from First Class and Beyond is $75 per passenger, though you may be subject to additional fees from the airline(s); the airline may also require additional miles to be used in some case. If however you are looking to change something more significant - including, but not limited to the routing, airline(s) origin, destination or stopover(s) - the change fees from First Class and Beyond begin at $150. However, depending on the extent of the change, you may be subject to pay up to the cost of an additional award booking. If, for any other reason you would like to change or cancel your reservation, you may be subject to additional cost, up to the cost of a new, additional award booking; that is in addition to the fees imposed by the airlines themselves. That said, when changes occur - be it by request or by airline-imposed schedule changes - we cannot guarantee a positive result due to the constant changes in award availability. While we will do our best to resolve any and all situations, and have your miles/points redeposited when needed, this may not always be possible and may come with additional airline-imposed fees. Please note that in some cases, it will not be possible to have your miles and/or points redeposited or have changes made at all.


All payments for all services must be remitted within 15 days of the invoice being sent, or 48 hours prior to departure - whichever comes first. In the event payment has not been remitted in that time frame, First Class and Beyond reserves the right to nullify any awards which it helped to secure.


For those using First Class and Beyond's wholesale-priced booking option, which is made possible through the discounted sale of miles, it is important to note the following: We are merely middle-men in the process of mileage sales. The miles you purchase do not and never did belong to First Class and Beyond. While FCB does everything in its power to protect the miles purchased and the award tickets booked with said miles, the airlines and banks involved in the process DO reserve the right to cancel any and all transactions involving (what they call) the improper use of miles. In such events, First Class and Beyond will work to resolve the situation to the best of its ability. Unfortunately however, somethings are out of our control and as a result, the risk, and the understanding of said risk, is the responsibility of each individual client; First Class and Beyond has no control and has no financial responsibility when it comes to airlines taking action against what they consider unauthorized mileage transactions.


When using FCB's consultation services you must keep in mind that no one at FCB is a certified financial advisor. Our advice is given to you based on past experiences and credit-card-market trends, but is in no way meant to replace the advice of legal or financial professionals. Your credit score is not something to play around with and you must understand that before applying for credit cards, spending money to meet sign-up bonuses, etc..

Prices for services displayed online are accurate, but are subject to change without prior notice.

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