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Our number one focus is customer satisfaction - making you happy. Everything we do is done with that in mind, and saving our clients time and money is our modus operandi. The services we offer are designed to make your life easier, limit your stress and increase the value of your points and miles.

We currently offer three unique services:

One-time Award Bookings

These one-time bookings will give you a sense of just how refreshing it is to get things done without wasting hours of time. Here, no request is unreasonable. Whether you need a special meal, a specific seat, or even just have the urge to be pampered in a particular airport lounge, our number one focus is you - saving you time, saving you money and most importantly, keeping you satisfied.


Click here to begin the award booking process.



Premier Consultations

Ever wonder if your points could do more? Not sure what your ROI is on credit card spending? Whether you are eager to increase your mileage balance, or looking for advice on what to and not to spend your credit card points on, these personally-tailored consultations are here for you.


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VIP Membership

This is the ultimate solution for any traveling executive, world-class jet-setter, or on-the-go family. This exclusive membership package combines the infinite possibilities of our award bookings with the added bonus of substantial savings on our 1-on-1 consults. During each membership year, you'll receive four free bookings and 50% off all Premium Consultations. The time is now. Change the way you travel - you deserve it.


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