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Emirates A380 First Class

Below is a brief video report of the Emirates A380 First Class cabin. Unlike the Singapore Airlines A380 "suites" which feature a fairly hard (albeit spacious) seat, the cushions in this cabin are incredibly comfortable. Beyond that, the wood and gold finishes add an elegant touch and the personal mini-bar keeps even the thirstiest of travelers well hydrated. The entertainment system was all I could ask for - after all, who doesn't enjoy watching Office Space while flying above the Persian Gulf? All seat functionality was controlled with a large, touch-screen tablet; there was also a second, smaller controller which changed the video channels and could even call roome service! Sure, lots of airlines offer "dine on demand" in first class, but this was a first for me... Who puts a room service call button on the romte!? As for the flight attendants, I couldn't have asked for a better crew. The team in first class was not only courtieous and friendly, but they went out of their way to ensure your every need was met. This was a prime example of a flight crew going above and beyond, and I certailn enjoyed the pampering. Next up, the shower. Well, actually, I think it's fair to say the on-board shower needs no introduction... Enjoy the video!



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