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Corporate Travel Services

Too often, when it comes to corporate travel, companies prefer the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, this can lead to reckless spending and a disregard for a corporate travel policy (if one even exists). At First Class and Beyond, our job is to eliminate wasted spend and wasted time.

Before working with us, our clients face one of two main issues. Either, their travelers are given a corporate card and given free reign to book their own itineraries, or a non-travel-specialist, often an executive assistant, is responsible for booking the company's travel. In both cases, you the business owner are losing. In the first case, employees have no reason to be frugal; there are no check and balances to ensure the flights they choose are in fact in the company's best interest. Sure, spending an extra $200 for a flight doesn't seem like a great deal, but when you factor in the sheer number of trips you're booking, the waste can be extraordinary. Conversely, when having a non-specialized employee have this as another part of their job, you run into a frightening amount of wasted hours. This individual will not only fall into the same “so what?” trap when it comes to price, but they'll often take more time to reach the same, poor results. Worst of all, your encouraging them to spend time on travel websites, which, as you may know, can be a dangerous place for an employee on the clock.

Enter First Class and Beyond. We are here to eliminate all of the guess work. Whether it be traditional flight bookings, hotel and car reservations, developing a corporate travel policy, or the nitty-gritty specifics of award redemptions and loyalty-point analysis, nothing is outside our scope of work.


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