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Award Booking: These individual award bookings are hassle and worry free. Simply begin by filling in the form below . Once we receive the information, we work within your parameters to find the perfect itinerary. Expect to have someone reach out to you within 48-72 hours to discuss several options and narrow in on your specific wants and needs as they relate to airline(s) of choice, seat preferences, special dietary restrictions, etc...

Pricing: For individual award bookings, whereby you are using your won miles, our pricing structure is based on savings. As a result, prices can vary from booking to booking. To determine your individual pricing, we calculate the value of your miles (1.7 cents each - nearly double what most credit cards will give you) and add the cost of the airline-imposed taxes and fees. From there we determine the difference in value as compared to a purchased ticket in the same class of service. Your fee will then be 15% of that difference. Due to the many variables, our booking fees range from $250 to $850 per passenger, per booking.

For those working with us to purchase wholesale-priced, international business and first class tickets - not using their own miles - prices vary depending on route, date and class of service. Expect to save at least 5-10% off retail, or as much as 20-30% off retail on your next booking!

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