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Award Bookings

These individual award bookings are hassle and worry free. Simply begin by filling in the form below to help us better understand when and where you are looking to go, as well as the type(s) of points/miles you hope to redeem. Once we receive this information, we work within the parameters to find the perfect itinerary. Expect to have someone reach out to you within 48-72 hours to discuss several options and narrow in on your specific wants and needs as they relate to airline(s) of choice, seat preferences, special dietary restrictions, etc… Remember, now that you have found FCB the days of calling the airlines are behind you - we are happy to be your sole point of contact and will ensure the highest level of service and professionalism with each booking. In fact, if a booking requires you to transfer miles from your credit card to an airline, we can take care of that for you as well. Just say the word - no request is unreasonable. The moment your miles are ready and you have agreed to a set of flights, we will go ahead and have them booked immediately - often within just a few hours.


Pricing for individual award bookings are based on savings, and as a result, can vary from booking to booking. To determine your individual pricing, we calculate the value of your miles (1.8 cents each - nearly double what most credit cards will give you) and add the cost of the airline-imposed taxes and fees. From there we determine the difference in value as compared to a purchased ticket in the same class of service. Your fee will then be 15% of that difference. And while savings and costs may vary, there is a minimum charge of $250 per passenger, per booking. After all is said and done however, you can expect to save hours of precious time with our services and know just how much value was extracted from each and every one of your points and miles; of course, it doesn't hurt that you won't be paying tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for this ticket either! Fill out the form below, and begin saving now.


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